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Our donors have made changes in the lives of many

Ice Cream Truck Takeover for 4 Hours

While walking with my neighbor Nate we heard an ice cream truck coming. I decided to offer $217 for us to hand out free ice cream in the area one day.

50 Ham Giveaway for Christmas in 2019

Our generous donors helped giveaway 50 ham for Christmas in Connecticut. They watched the impact of their generosity and were thanked for it.

2 Boy Scouts Peddling Pancakes in the Rain

One of my favorite random acts of kindness happened when I noticed 2 boy scouts peddling pancakes in the rain for a fundraiser at their church.

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Blake Ovitt

“It warms your heart inside and makes you feel good. It gives them hope.”

Laura and James

“It allows you to see the reaction you just caused by donating.”

Tyler MacAdams

“The effect that I had on the family by donating money was amazing!”

James Manni and Laura Nieske
James and Laura

After seeing the reaction to our donation over Instagram last year, we genuinely felt the sense of warmth and could understand that we really did something with purpose.

Tyler MacAdams
Tyler MacAdams

It was good to know I actually did some good.

Blake Ovitt
Blake Ovitt

You can see in the videos that some of these peoples reactions that it gives them hope that there’s still good genuine people out there that really care about others.